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It is AUBURN AVENUE FILMS policy to never accept, read or review unsolicited literary material from unrepresented writers. AAF will accept materials from agents, managers, reputable attorneys, reputable producers and production companies.  For purposes of this policy, unsolicited "literary material" includes, but is not limited to, treatments, formats, screenplays, scripts, polishes, story outlines and character outlines.  This policy is intended to avoid any potential misunderstandings or disputes when projects developed by or under the direction of Auburn Avenue Film's staff might seem to others to be similar to their own creative ideas or materials. In accordance with this policy, all unsolicited literary material submitted by an unrepresented writer will be immediately deleted, destroyed and/or returned unread (at Auburn Avenue Film's sole discretion). 

Unrepresented writers are welcome to submit a query below. If interested, we will then respond to your query submission with a request for the underlying material along with a submission release form.

- Team AAF

Send query to:

Auburn Avenue Films

Attn: Legal Affairs

P.O. Box 110090

Atlanta, GA 30311

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