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We are a collaborative team of the most dynamic multi-cultural minds on the planet!  Based in the heart of Atlanta, GA., we thrive on taking concepts and transforming them into experiences that tell stories. Whether it's studio made motion and television projects, indie films or digital entertainment, we use our creative assets to create inspiration and innovative stories at award winning levels.

About us...

Creative Minds...

It takes a team of about 20 people for us to mastermind everything we do.  From the executive business level, to the aspiring college graduate; to the seasoned production creative.  This is a small glimpse of the forces behind the scenes and this page changes often so check back frequently!  Who knows... if you're exceptional at your gift and are a fit for our team, it could be you!

MAYNARD HEADSHOT 42015_edited.jpg
Wendy Eley Jackson
Maynard Jackson III

Principal | President

Auburn Avenue Films

Executive Producer

Auburn Avenue Films


Favorite movie: It's Complicated

Favorite director: Spike Lee

Favorite food: Anything Indian

Favorite city:  Atlanta

Favorite book:  Bible

Favorite actor: Viola Davis

Favorite past time: Watching movies.


Favorite movie: The Campaign

Favorite director: Christopher Nolan

Favorite food: Oysters

Favorite city:  Atlanta

Favorite book:  Autobiography of Malcolm X

Favorite actor: Denzel Washington among others...

Favorite past time: Listening to music

Winsome Sinclair

Head of Talent & Casting

WSA Entertainment

Favorite movie: The Godfather

Favorite director: Too many to name

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite city:  Paris

Favorite book:  The Red Tent

Favorite actor: Too many to mention

Favorite past time: Spending time with my family.


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Tel: 404-429-9494

Fax: 404-600-3449

115 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

Atlanta, GA  30313

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